Meet the 2021 Friends of Allegany Officers, Board Members, and Advisers

Paul J. Crawford President, Co-Founder _ Lifetime Member

Paul J. Crawford

Co-Founder, Lifetime Member

Mike Weaver Vice President Co-Founder IT

Michael J. Weaver

Vice President
Co-Founder, IT


Carol Jackson


Lifetime Member

John Luby Secretary, Co-Founder, Lifetime Member

John M. Luby


Co-Founder, Lifetime Member

The Friends of Allegany have annual elections for Board Member and Officer positions. Though terms are two years, we staggered the first terms to two and three years so there'd always be someone experienced on our Board. We originally set term limits, but in 2018 the Board ratified the change to eliminate them. This change was updated in our Board of Directors book. We ask previous Officers and Board Members if they would like to remain on as advisers, and they most often do. We are a diverse team of representatives who take our positions seriously and together we make decisions which we feel will best benefit the park, our organization and it's stakeholders. We make responsible decisions on budgeting our benefactor's donations, and all of our books are open for public scrutiny. Our elections are held at our final Board Meeting at the end of December, and anyone (at least 18 years of age) is welcome to run for a position.

The Friends of Allegany wish to thank you for all of your support over the years be it physical during our volunteer events, financial or moral.


Joe Eberle Board Member, Lifetime Member

Joe Eberle

Lifetime Member
Sawmill Raffle Chairman


Jill Bryant

Lifetime Member


Jim Schwartzmyer

Lifetime Member


Jamison Crawford

Lifetime Member
Grant Advisor


Sandy Boczar Treasurer, Co-Founder, Lifetime Member ILMPD Chairperson (2)

Sandy Boczar

Membership Chairman

Lifetime Member, Co-Founder

Mark Krengulec Advisor, Lifetime Member, Calendar Chairman

Mark Krengulec

Calendar Chairman

Lifetime Member

Isabel Zhang Web Designer

Isabel M. Zhang

Web Designer/Consultant

Amabel Zhang Newsletter Editor

Amabel M. Zhang

Newsletter Editor

Jessica Crouse Advisor

Jessica Crouse

Environmental Adviser

Lifetime Member


Lisa Gustafson

Lifetime Member
I Love My Park Day Chairperson


Paul Crawford, Kevin Galleneau, Luanne Wannamaker, Sandy Boczar, Yvonne M. Ralicki, Mike Weaver, John Luby, Rick Feuz

Next Steps...

Become a member or join us on a volunteer weekend so you can be a part of the park's future. Together we can make a difference!