Meet the Friends Board & Advisors

We are a diverse team of deeply passionate Allegany State Park enthusiasts. Together, we engage in strategic decision-making and initiatives which we believe best for the park, our organization, and the park's many, many stakeholders. We not only act as stewards of Allegany, but as trusted fiduciaries responsible for the most beneficial allocation of our extraordinary volunteers, financial resources, and the talents of our executive board and advisors. Elections are held annually each December and anyone 18 years or older is eligible to run.

Executive Board Officers

Paul J. Crawford President, Co-Founder _ Lifetime Member

Paul J. Crawford

President, Co-Founder
Lifetime Member

Joe Eberle Board Member, Lifetime Member

Joe Eberle

Sawmill Raffle Chairman
Lifetime Member

John Luby Secretary, Co-Founder, Lifetime Member

John M. Luby

Treasurer, Co-Founder
Lifetime Member


Jamison Crawford

Lifetime Member

Executive Board Members


Jill Bryant

Lifetime Member


Barb Conklin

Lifetime Member

Kevin Gallineau Advisor, Co-Founder, Lifetime Member

Kevin Gallineau

Lifetime Member


Jim Schwartzmyer

Lifetime Member


Ralph Tidd

Lifetime Member

Friends Advisors

Mark Krengulec Advisor, Lifetime Member, Calendar Chairman

Mark Krenulec

Calendar Chairman
Lifetime Member


Christina Breen

Membership Chair

Jessica Crouse Advisor

Jessica Crouse

Environmental Adviser
Lifetime Member

Founding & Former Board Members

The Friends of Allegany is forever grateful to the personal sacrifices and indefatigable efforts of our most engaged members.

Founding Members

Sandy Boczar
Paul Crawford
Rick Feuz
Kevin Gallineau
John Luby
Yvonne Ralicki
Luanne Wanamaker
Mike Weaver

Former Board Members

Barb Conklin
Lisa Gustafson
Carol Jackson
Ralph Tidd
Nick Zarrillo

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