Save the Red House Sawmill

In 2015, inspired by the Friends' efforts to save six condemned McIntosh Trail cabins slated for demolition, which patrons can still enjoy today, the Friends of Allegany aligned with Allegany State Park's long-term strategic plan in undertaking one of the greatest volunteer-led capital projects in New York State Park history: The renovation and restoration of the Red House Sawmill.

Preserving a Legacy

Like Thunder Rocks, the Stone Tower, the Red House Dam, Science Lake, or the Red House itself, the Friends of Allegany aspires to recreate a fascinating staple of Allegany's rich history of self-sufficiency in the wilderness, providing a fun, educational, and historically authentic experience for patrons of all ages.

Together We Can Make a Difference

The Friends have already reached significant funding and project milestones in saving the Sawmill and, despite its official opening to the public, are still seeking all manner of support - from donations designated specifically for the Red House Sawmill to professional volunteers for accessibility features, antique machining, and float pond restoration, we welcome your time, talent, and treasure. To reach us directly, please email [email protected].

Watch clips from our "Legends of the Mill" series below. Photos are courtesy of Tom Forness and Paul Bachman.

Help Save an Allegany Landmark

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